Routine Conditions

Conditions that are routinely treated at the East West Clinic:

  • common colds and flus
  • gynecological imbalances
  • neurological diseases
  • depression and anxiety
  • insomnia
  • metabolic diseases
  • upper respiratory diseases
  • digestive problems
  • arthritic and rheumatic conditions
  • sciatica and lower back pain
  • fibromyalgia
  • supportive cancer care
  • skin diseases
  • weight control
  • stop smoking
  • detoxification


“If I had my way I’d make health catching instead of disease.” — Robert Green Ingersoll


Acupuncture is part of a 5000-year-old system of healing which, along with herbal, dietary and lifestyle adjustment has evolved as a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Based on restoring the balance of Qi (vital energy) throughout the various organ meridians, acupuncture has come to be widely accepted and recognized in the West as a powerful and economical treatment for many diseases. Acupuncture is increasingly supported by a number of governmental and private insurance providers. Besides the use of needles, acupuncture includes many additional external therapies as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Some of these that are routinely incorporated appropriate to the individual needs of each patient are as follows:


This involves the use of an herb, mainly artemisia vulgaris. The dried ‘wool’ of this herb is burned close to specific acupuncture points. This method is essential for the treatment of hypotonic conditions caused by coldness and deficiency and is highly effective. Moxabustion is highly effective for stimulating the immune system, promoting circulation, adding vital energy directly into the meridians and neurological pathways of the body and relieving pain. In most cases the experience is highly pleasurable and, like acupuncture, induces a state of calm relaxation in the patient. Occasionally, but very rarely, a patient may develop a burn or blister from the treatment. Because the treatment is often quite pleasant and relaxing, this result may not always be predicted by either the patient in their response or the practitioner. While burning and blistering is generally not intended, without previous consultation with the patient at the East West Clinic, it sometimes, though as stated, very rarely occurs. As a point of information, in China a strong moxabustion treatment often involves intentionally burning and blistering a particular point or area for the treatment of stubborn diseases. Interestingly, again in China, when a blister occurs it is controlled but allowed to stay open and festering for awhile to further stimulant an even deeper, more prolonged immune response.

Needle-less Acupuncture

At the East West Clinic this can involve the integration of many modalities ranging from the practice of acupressure, the use of gentle non-piercing devices as part of what the Japanese call Shoni-Shin or Pediatric acupuncture. It may also involve the local application of magnets, herbs or a special magical acu-powder that is topically applied over selected acupoints. Acupuncturists also often use a small hammer-like instrument, called a Seven Star Dermal Hammer. This is lightly tapped over affected areas to stimulate the circulation of Qi (vital energy) to many conditions ranging from aches and pains, skin conditions, the cosmetic removal of wrinkles and unwanted stress lines on the face, to stimulating the growth of hair.

Cupping and scraping

This is part of Chinese folk medicine and the folk medicine of many people throughout the world. It is also used in the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Cupping involves creating a vacuum in a small, bamboo, glass or plastic cup which is then applied over more general areas such as the back, neck, limbs or abdomen. Scraping, called “gua-sha” by the Chinese involves scraping specific areas of the skin with a dull edged instrument such as a piece of jade or the edge of a Chinese soupspoon. A special healing oil is first applied to lessen discomfort. At the East West clinic we have found this to be immediately and highly effective for various conditions, especially stiffness and pain of the spine and neck. It is one of the treatments of choice for one of the most common traumatic injuries, neck whiplash. Both cupping and scraping are used to relieve underlying congestion of the tissues, promote circulation and relieve inflammation and pain.

Magnet Therapy

Being in the forefront of some of the most cutting edge natural healing modalities, magnet therapy is a specialty of the East West Clinic. In fact Michael Tierra has written an entire book on the subject entitled Biomagnetic and Herbal Therapy (published by Lotus Press). Many patients come to the clinic to specifically receive magnet therapy. They have been satisfied with the fact that this powerful yet safe therapy has in many instances provided instantaneous painless relief of a wide range of problems ranging from carpal tunnel, tennis elbow and other repetitive stress injuries. In addition, magnet therapy is used for back pain, chronic fatigue, inflammatory conditions of all kinds, ulcerative colitis, back pain, injuries, arthritic and rheumatic diseases, to name a few. Magnets have even been found to be effective in shrinking tumors. Michael Tierra has extensive use in the practice of magnet therapy and applies them in many ways according to the individual needs of the patient. Magnet therapy often offers more immediate relief of pain and inflammation than the use of needles. Magnets not only give immediate relief but when used over a period of time, work by promoting and normalizing circulation and therefore promote permanent healing. Magnet therapy is highly effective for sports-related injuries. In 1997, Michael was interviewed on the popular national TV show, Inside Edition on his highly effective use magnet therapy.


This is a method where a safe, mild electrical impulse is directly applied to specific needles that have been previously inserted. Again, this is not necessarily painful but can be indeed a very strange sensation as it alternatingly causes an associated neurological reaction. This is commonly used to make a stronger, more prolonged treatment. It is very effective for muscular, tendon and skeletal pains.

Herbal Medicine

Michael Tierra is regarded as one of the pioneer fathers of the herbal renaissance of the late 20th century. As such he has inspired and taught herbal medicine to literally thousands of students throughout the world. These include both laypersons as well as professional health practitioners. His book, The Way of Herbs (published by Pocket Books – Simon and Schuster) has sold over 400,000 copies and is translated into many languages and published in many countries throughout the world. Michael is the founder of the American Herbalists Guild, a professional organization of clinical North American herbalists, representing the highest standard of herbal health care. Next to diet and lifestyle changes, herbal therapy is offers the deepest and most permanent healing for most conditions. It can be safely used alone or win combination with many other modalities including acupuncture and conventional western medicine. Herbal medicine is truly the first medicine of humankind. Indications of the use of native plants for medicinal healing have been found to date back over 50,000. Many of the same herbs, often regarded as wayside weeds, such as dandelion, plantain and chickweed are still used with great therapeutic effectiveness by herbalists today. Throughout the world, herbs have a well-deserved reputation for their safety and efficacy. It can be reasonably argued that the major reason they are not more widely used is based more on economic reasons because they are not patentable as a drug by multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies. In the hands of experience and skilled herbalists such as Michael and Lesley Tierra, herbs can be safely and effectively used to treat all conditions and diseases. Michael and Lesley are equally skilled in the practice of western and Chinese herbal medicine as well as East Indian Ayurvedic medicine based on herbs. Besides the use of herbs, the practice traditionally includes the use to a much lesser extent of minerals and ecologically conscious animal sources for medicines. The East West Clinic is one of the few that carries a full line of Chinese, Western and Ayurvedic herbs and formulas. Besides dispensing herbs as teas, other preparations are even more commonly used such as pills, alcoholic tinctures and extracts and dried extracts. In most cases, herbal formulas are specifically compounded according to the condition and constitution of each patient. Patients literally travel from throughout the world to be guided in the use of herbs for their personal health issues. In addition, Michael and Lesley offer specialized telephone consultations with patients and practitioners for the treatment of various conditions and diseases. We are proud of the fact that the East West Clinic is now recognized in the forefront internationally of herbal research and practice.

Dietary Therapy

“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine, your food” These are the words of the Greek sage, Hippocrates, called the Father of Medicine. They are true no less today than they were nearly 3000 years ago. Increasingly medical researchers are finding that dietary and environmental conditions are at the base of many if not most diseases. While a diet with too many excesses can cause chronic degenerative disease, extreme so-called health diets are also responsible for creating long-term nutritional deficiencies. For this reason, those who are able to incorporate the dietary modifications recommended at the East clinic are most likely to experience the fastest and most permanent results. “To eat is human; to digest, divine.” — C.T. Copeland

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