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Biomagnetic and Herbal Therapy, by Michael Tierra


Magnetic energy is the structural force of the universe. Explore the healing influence of magnets for many conditions and the sometimes miraculous relief from such problems as joint pain, skin diseases, acidity, blood pressure, tumors, kidney liver, thryoid problems, and more.

Magnetizing herbs, teas, water and their usage in conjuntion with direct placement of magnets for synergistic effectiveness is presented in a systematic, succinct and practical manner for the benefit of the professional and lay person alike. Replete with diagrams and appendices, this is a how-to-do practical handbook for augmenting health and providing relief from pain.

Accu-Band 24 k Gold Plated Magnets


These are the rare earth magnets are that offer the 9,000 gauss (Br) higher strength. They are a little larger than the Accu-Band 6,000 gauss magnets. These magnets are gold-plated (GP) measuring 0.06 inches x 0.2 inches diameter, with 0.8 inch diameter band-aid plasters. The bionorth (-) side contacts the body and is marked with a small indentation. The Accu-Band 9000 GP comes in a package of 12.