Healing Medicine, Healing & Cancer

A comprehensive program for prevention and treatment by Donald R. Yance, Jr. C.N., M.H., A.H.G. with Arlene Valentine, publ by Keats, 1999.

This is an eagerly awaited book by one of North America’s most respected lay herbalists. It represents a major contribution to the literature of natural healing and cancer. It offers detailed information that shows how a proper diet, vitamins, and other micronutrients, when combined with herbs, can help create the right conditions for maximum healing.

The book comes with rave endorsements from such respected herbalists as Chanchal Cabrera, Mary Bove, N.D. and Christopher Hobbs, L.Ac.

The book is very practical and suitable for both the lay person and health practitioner. It is full of references attesting to the power and value of nutrition, herbs and special nutrients for the treatment and prevention of a wide number of cancers.

He also offers a number of valuable case studies from his own voluminous clinical practice at WellSprings Center for Natural Healing in Fairfield, Connecticut.

This book is now at the top of my list of outstanding and authoritative alternative medicine texts on the treatment of cancer along with Cancer Natural Medicine by John Boik (publ. by Oregon Medical Press), Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer publ. by Future Medicine Publishing, The What to Eat if You Have Cancer Cookbook, by Maureen Keane and Daniella Chace publ. by Contemporary Books, Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Dr. Patrick Quillin, publ. by Nutrition Times Press, the entire corpus of Ralph Moss especially, Questioning Chemotherapy and Herbs Against Cancer, publ. by Equinox Press and finally, The Macrobiotic Approach to Cancer, by Michio Kushi publ. by Avery. MT

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