Cancer: Its Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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CancerIts causes, symptoms and treatment

by Eli G. Jones (19th Century)

Table of Contents

  • New Forward by Michael Tierra
  • Dedication and Preface
  • Introductory
  1. The Cause of Cancer
  2. Surgery not a Cure for Cancer
  3. The X-Ray Treatment
  4. The Medical Treatment
  5. The Diagnosis of Cancer
  6. Taking A Case
  7. Diet of Cancer Patients
  8. A Medicated Bath
  9. Have Patients under Your Personal Care
  10. Remedies that do have a Curative Effect upon Cancer
  11. Local Treatment of Cancer
  12. Cancer of the Breast
  13. Epithelioma
  14. Cancer of the Head, Face, Nose and other forms of External Cancer
  15. Sarcoma
  16. Radium as a Cure for Cancer
  17. Internal Cancer
  18. Remedies that are Useful in the Treatment of Cancer
  19. Facts Worth Remembering in the Treatment of Cancer
  20. Bronchocele (Goitre); Exophthalmic Goitre

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