Chapter 3: The X-Ray Treatment

During the past six years over two hundred cases of cancer have come under my notice where the X-Ray has been tried and it has left the patient in a worse condition than before treatment.

The X-Ray is concentrated lightning and when applied to a cancer leaves the nerves and blood vessels supersensitive, so that the patient cannot bear the modest dressing on the diseased growth.

I have seen the face and the whole side of the body burnt as if by hot steam. It was cruel and inhuman to experiment with patients in that way. Trypsin and radium have been tried and failed just as any form of purely local treatment will fail. for cancer is not a local disease. I have seen several cases of cancer where the hypodermatic treatment had been used. The whole abdomen was covered with scars where the stuff had been injected into the skin, but the cancer kept on growing.

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