Chapter 8: A Medicated Bath

One of the most important things in the treatment of cancer is to have a good medicated bath for the patients. I have tested different kinds of baths for my patients and my experience has confirmed me in the belief that epsom salts bath is the best for cancer. Dr. William H. Burgess of Past Chattanooga, Tenn., was the first physician in this country to call attention of the medical profession to the epsom bath. All honor to this distinguished gentleman. May his life be a long and a useful one in this land of his forefathers.

If the patient has a bath tub, put one pound of epsom salts in the usual quantity of warm water in the bath tub. The best time to take the bath is just. before bedtime and in the treatment of. cancer it should be taken as often as twice a week. The skin should be well rubbed until all the greasy, gammy stuff is removed from the skin and it becomes soft as velvet. The blood needs the magnesium in the epsom salts. It neutralizes the toxines, it soothes the tired nerves and makes the patient rest like a tired child upon its mother’s bosom. Any treatment for cancer would be incomplete without this medicated bath. Many a time I have had my lady patients tell me “Doctor, I love the epsom bath; it just makes me feel splendid.” It is useful in all chronic diseases except skin diseases. Here I like sulphate of soda used in the same way.

If a patient has no bath tub you may have them add one ounce of the epsom salts to a pint of warm water (use it in that proportion) and bathe the body all over with the mixture.

It will also be found to be a grand thing in many acute diseases, especially fevers. Used once in twenty-four hours or twice a day if there is a high fever. When the patient feels rather languid after the bath it shows that the epsom salts bath has done its work and it should be: used less often. In the treatment of any form of cancer this medicated bath should never be omitted; it is just as important as any part of the treatment.

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