Cancer: Its Causes, Symptoms and Treatment by Eli G. Jones, MD


I have been urged by my medical friends to write a book on cancer. It seemed to them that a physician, who has had such a vast experience in the medical treatment of this fearful malady, should leave behind him a record of his work for the benefit of future generations.

The medical treatment of cancer, in all its forms, is a specialty as much as “surgery “, the “eye and ear”, or “gynecology”, and a doctor must prepare himself for such work in the same manner that he would for any special line of work in his profession. The treatment of cancer requires nore skill than any other disease with which we are acquainted. Cancer is a “Foeman worthy of any man’s steel”. Any physician who is afraid of it will never succeed in curing the disease. There are doctors who are called Specialists in cancer, who are only able to diagnose a case of cancer now and then, and suggest an operation or give a gloomy prognosis. A true specialist of any disease, or region, must be a man who cannot only diagnose the difficulty when he sees it, but also be able to treat it successfully by medicine.

In order to be able to treat both external and internal cancer successfullv a physician must first of all have a taste for such work. He must be a good all round physician. He must be able to treat all forms of chronic diseases successfully. He must know the materia medica from A to Z, Not the materia medica of any one school of medicine but have a working knowledge of the materia medica of all Schools. He must have perfect confidence in himself and be an absolute believer in the curative power of his remedies.

From the above it will be noticed that all doctors are not suitable for cancer specialists. It is another case of “many are called but few are chosen.” The successful treatment of cancer is the study of a lifetime and should not be attempted by a lazy man, for it means constant study. Each year the physician should endeavor to do better work than during the previous one, and try to keep ahead of the procession, and in every sense of the word be a Specialist in Cancer. There is a great demand for good men, men who will master this special work, as cancer is increasing, cases are dying every day, somewhere, for lack of proper treatment. Thousands of cases are being sacrificed to the bloody knife every year that could have been saved by proper medical treatment.

It is high time that this horrible butchery, in the name of science, should cease, and that we should at least try to cure such cases. To prove that this disease could be treated successfully, by medicine, I have at different times reported cases of genuine cancer permanently cured, to the medical journals.

In 1894 I offered to teach physicians my method of treatment. Since that time I have given post graduate instruction to physicians from all parts of the country. I have always been. ready to meet with my medical brethren in consultation on cancer or any chronic disease. I do not ask what a physician’s medical politics are. I only ask that he will carry out the plan of treatment agreed upon, faithfully and conscientiously. I have had at one time fifteen physicians under my treatment for cancer. I have had from twenty-five to fifty cases of cancer that physicians were treating with the aid of my advice, scattered all the way from Maine to California.

It has been said by some critics that cancer can never be permanently cured; that it always returns. In reply to this statement, I wish to state that I have a record of cases of genuine cancer that have been cured for fifteen to twenty-five years and there has not been a single symptom of the return of the disease. It has also been said that “cancer specialists call everything cancer.” Allow me to say that the most of my cases have been sent to me by physicians. I have also had cases that were diagnosed as cancer, before they came to me, by surgeons in New York City, Philadelphia, Boston; Baltimore and Washington, D.C. I am quite sure that these men knew the difference between a pimple and a cancer.

I have never claimed to have a “specific” for anything from an ingrowing toenail to a cancer, but what I do claim is this: that experience has taught me that there are remedies which do have a curative effect upon cancer, as we find it in different portions of the body, when they are prescribed according to the indications. No remedy, or combination of remedies has ever been discovered, or ever will be discovered, that will cure all forms of cancer. Such a thing is impossible for the simple reason that the disease, as it appears in different parts of the body, has a different anatomical structure. It follows from this that in order to be able to treat cancer successfully we must he able to adapt our remedies to the disease as we find it existing in the different parts of the body. A remedy that would affect cancer of the liver would have no effect upon cancer of the breast. A remedy that would have a curative effect upon cancer of the tongue would not have any upon cancer of the stomach.

I have had cases of cancer come to me for treatment that had been operated on from one to eight times; others had been treated bu plasters, or some kind of “injection fluid.” If I ever did have any faith at all in the knife as a cure for cancer, it has been rudely shattered, because four-fifths of the cases of cancer I have seen in the past forty years had been operated on and the cancer returned worse than before. Other cases have tried the X-Ray, Radium, Escharotics, Hypodermic treatment, etc., etc., before I saw them, with the same result.

Of those cases which I have taken before any form of treatment had been used I have cured 95%. It is quite probable that during my lifetime I have seen more cases of genuine cancer than any other physician and have made more permanent cures. The record of this work will be found in this book. I have visited patients in twenty-five States of the Union md have seen all forms of the disease. There are cases of cancer where complication atter complication will arise and a doctor nest be able to meet these complications and treat them successfully. He must be a man of excellent judgment, quick to act and with a fixed determination to “win out” under all difficulties. I repeat it again, that he must know how to treat all chronic diseases successfully for it is very seldom that we meet with an uncomplicated case of cancer, and sometimes the complication is the contributing cause, of the disease. Then again some diseases are a worriment to the patient, a drain upon the system. It is all the time reducing the vitality of your patient; this worriment, this drain must be stopped or yon cannot cure your patient. The complication may be hemorrhoids, diabetes, Bright’s disease, eczema, abscess, some form of heart. trouble, neuralgia, rheumatism, ovarian and uterine trouble or it may be the menopause with all its peculiar symptoms. In some cases I have had complications of erysipelas, congestion of the lungs, la grippe, etc., to treat with the cancer. From this list it will readily be seen that the most skillful treatment will often be demanded of you to carry your patients through successfully.

The day is past when a physician with an escharotic paste or bottle of herb syrup or some kind of “injection dope” can start out to cure all kinds of cancer. That is the worst form of Quackery; such men will always find their level. It has taken me many years to lift this business of treating cancer, in all its forms, out of the mire of quackery and raise it up to the dignity of a specialty. To place it in the hands of educated men whose heart and soul are in the work of saving these poor victims of cancer from an untimely grave, I have written this book. These men can and will do a grand work for poor suffering humanity and may the blessing of a kind Providence rest down upon their labors.

“In the battle of life,
When the wave and the gale
Are around and about;
If the footing should fail
If thine eye should grow dim, and thy courage depart,
Look aloft and be firm and be fearless of heart.”

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