Dedication and Preface


To my many students and medical friends in all the different Schools of Medicine in the United States, I dedicate this book. I have shared in your trials and triumphs with this disease. I have rejoiced with you when success crowned your efforts, < and now feel that the time has come when I must record my own experience in the Medical Treatment of Cancer, so that those who come after me may be benefited thereby.

It is the earnest wish of my heart that better and abler men may take up this work and carry it on after I shall have passed to my reward.


Many of the remedies and formulas mentioned in this book can be obtained of Lloyd Bros., Cincinnati, Ohio. They are a firm which have an established reputation throughout the world for pure, reliable medicines. The Homeopathic drugs referred to can be obtained of Boericke & Tafel, Philadelphia, Pa., who are the oldest and most reliable firm of that School in this country, and you can depend upon their remedies.


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