The following case submitted by my student Tom Morgan completely corroborates my clinical experience in treating this disease. The basic herbal recommendations are three Planetary Formulas available on this site, Bupleurum Liver Cleanse, Shiitake Mushroom Supreme, and Triphala. This combination, along with roasted dandelion root tea and a wholesome diet chang has greatly benefitted or reversed all my cases of individuals diagnosed with hepatitis C. There are literally millions of people diagnosed with this disease living in a state of paranoia and fear in the world today. If there was ever a good reason to use herbs and a wholesome diet, this is it.

Michael Tierra

Case History submitted by East West student Tom Morgan

I have been seeing a few people in my area with hepatitis C, and all are doing really well.

I live in a small community and word travels fast around here. A lot of people were asking me if this particular man had come to see me and I would tell them no. He was very well known as a teacher in the high school. Due to his illness he had to leave work and his students did a big thing for him that was written in the local paper.

When he called, he was set to get a liver transplant as soon as he could become strong enough for the surgery. They already operated on his liver and the doctors felt his best shot would be with a transplant. I spoke to him on the phone and had wondered if this case was too much for me to handle because some people who knew him said they didn’t think he would make it to the end of the month. I put it on the East West student forum to get some advice and I did get what I wanted. When he came to me he was so weak that he had a hard time getting out of his car and walking to his seat. He was the worst that I have seen and was very thin. I asked him a ton of questions to find out as much as I could about his diet and what medicine he was on. He was not on any meds, but I almost fell over when he told me that his doctor told him to eat as many cheeseburgers as he could to put on weight and get strong.

He also said that he felt as though his liver was on fire. He was also drinking about eight cups of coffee a day. His pulse and tongue showed yin deficiency. He was put on Planetary Formulas’ Bupleurum Liver Cleanse, Shiitake Mushroom Supreme, Triphala and roasted dandelion tea as Michael recommended. I told him never to eat a cheeseburger again and told him to eat as many green leafy vegetables as he could. I also told him to eat okra and he loved it. He said that he was enjoying this diet. He took the herbs three times a day and was told to come back in two weeks so I could see how he was doing.

He returned in two weeks and walked in like a man 20 years younger. He said he was feeling great and picked up more herbs at that time and made another appointment for two weeks after that. When he returned he was eight pounds heavier. It has been about six weeks now and the doctors said they will hold off on the transplant. When he asked for how long they said five days, then five weeks, then five years, then finally, “Let’s see how things go.” Every one thinks he had a miracle. The last I heard he was playing ball.

I want to say that when he told me that his liver felt like it was on fire, I thought of Major Bupleurum formula but using Bupleurum Liver Cleanse with Triphala is about the same and I feel that the Shiitake mushroom supreme is a tonic that all people with hepatitis should take. It is almost like ginseng for the liver. This case has taught me that although this man has gone to all of these specialists, and to Columbia Hospital to get the very best care he could, all of them were no match to the power of herbs. I hope this case helps someone else who might read it or a student like myself to know that these herbs that we work with are more powerful than we know.

—Tom Morgan

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