Carrot Juice

Submitted by East West student Camille C. Pratt

My husband, Ron, had prostate cancer, Stage C, and 13 months later was diagnosed cancer free.

After receiving 35 radiation treatments, Ron was sent home to die.  The oncologist told him that the radiation did a lot of damage, but didn’t touch the cancer. That was when we tried the beet and carrot juice treatment described in John Heinerman’s book The Encyclopedia of Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs.

I don’t know whether this counts or not, but before Ron went to Edmonton to have the radiation, which was in October of 1993, he was on Essiac tea and he had been given two months to live, or so we thought as his oncologist told him he would be dead by the time he could get into treatment at Vancouver or Victoria or Seattle, (because of waiting lists). He went to Edmonton, Alberta, for the radiation, but the two months he was home we used Essiac tea, from August to October, and he was classified as being in remission in October (from Edmonton).

He completed 35 radiation treatments, then the cancer clinic called him to go to Vancouver. Went to Vancouver in January of 1994 and was told he had six months to live, unless he would go on women’s hormones which would prolong his life to 18 months. The cancer hadn’t been touched by the radiation, but his kidney, liver, colon and bladder were burned.

In January we tried the beet and carrot juice and by March the cancer was gone. He was pronounced cancer free in June and discharged from the cancer clinic.

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