Some cases treated at the East West Clinic

Knee pain and diabetes

Patient Man, AGE 67, 4/14/93
Symptoms Right knee pain, recently diagnosed with diabetes
Observations Pulse: slippery, hollow, deficient spleen, weak kidney pulse.
Tongue: pale, thin yellow coat, scalloped
Diagnosis spleen and kidney qi deficiency with dampness and Bi pain of the right knee.
Treatments Shih Chuan Da Bu Wan
Acupuncture: eye of the knee for left, 2 emperor for diabetes.
Comments By second visit, knee completely recovered, feels great

Cholecystitis and asthma

Patient Woman, 4/22/93
Symptoms Gall bladder pain, doctors found a hiatal hernia, pain is aggravated from fats and oils, stabbing, stinging pains, pain under the right ribs from middle to far right, pain goes away with grape juice, trouble losing weight. Has severe asthma.
Diagnosis Damp heat in the gall bladder
Treatment Stone Free, Turmeric root 1 tsp., 3x daily, Tea of Oregon Grape, wild yam, fennel seed. three cups daily, Sylamarin extract, Triphala.
Comments Second visit 7 months later: all gall bladder symptoms are gone.

Chronic Fatigue

Patient Man, 4/15/93, age 66, bachelor, retired
Symptoms A lifetime of chronic fatigue, as he gets older it is worse, he has had 5 heart bypass surgeries with dials in two leg arteries. Shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, feels that he doesn’t have long to live. He even welcomes death. Frequent urination, bad memory, likes sweets. Smokes tobacco and marijuana, drinks a quart of coffee daily, takes lasix. Never cooks his own food, eats out a lot, cheap junk food.
Observations Pulse: deep, irregular, fast
Tongue: reddish, little or no coat, cracked
Diagnosis stagnation of the liver, blood toxicity, deficient qi.
Treatment Principle: relieve liver qi and blood stagnation, ease heart circulation, tonify original qi
Acupuncture: St. 36, deep; two emperor
Herbal: life pulse, Guggul, Reishi Supreme, Bupleurum Liver Cleanse.
Recommended that he prepare all his own food or get someone to do it for him. Recommended a balanced diet generally but to begin with kicharee fast of ten days or use whole grains and beans.
Comments Second visit: He came in cleanly dressed and said that it was the first time in his life that he had experienced energy and normalcy. He only did kicharee for four days.

Liver Failure and Cancer

Patient Man age 53, unmarried, self-employed hairdresser
Symptoms Diagnosed with liver cancer (advanced). Also had hepatitis C from blood transfusion, hard bloated abdomen, and surgery 7 weeks ago.
Observations Extreme ascites.
Pulse: fast, fuller on the surface, hollow in the deep position, kid, Liv and spleen were deficient.
Tongue: red, peeled in the center. Diet OK, No sugar, no coffee, no alcohol.
Diagnosis Liver and kidney yin deficiency with wasting heat.
Treatment Herbs: coptis and Scute, Reishi Supreme, Hepato Pure, Triphala, Blood Purifying Tea, Selenium, Vit. c, Beta Carotene, Seaweed.
Acupuncture: 4 gates, kid 3. Also gave him Wu ling san for the ascites (biggest problem).
Comments Gave him four treatments. He was too advanced. He was committed to the hospital and died of liver failure.

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