Christopher Hobbs, EWCH

Christopher Hobbs, B.A., L.Ac., A.H.G

Michael and Lesley have accomplished a lot over the years–and have turned many people on to herbal medicine and living a healthy life. Knowing them personally, I know they practice what they preach. Their work, dedication, and friendship have inspired me greatly over the years.

I was fortunate to study acupuncture and the practice of traditional Chinese medicine with Michael in his clinic back in 1993-1995, which was a wonderful experience. After the training I was able to pass the state board exam, and had my own clinic in Santa Cruz for several years until moving to Oregon, and now Davis. In Davis I worked in an integrated practice with a physician, and now am back in graduate school doing research at UC Berkeley. I love both Michael and Lesley very much and I would definitely recommend their course and any events they are offering. Many thanks, Christopher”

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