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We are very excited to announce that the East West School of Planetary Herbology now offers a Home Herbalist Course! While we have provided Family and Professional Herbalist Courses, we have not presented a basic course in learning herbs – until now!

The Home Herbalist Course is a great way to get involved with immediately learning and using herbs without making a huge commitment in terms of energy, time or money. It covers a substantial amount of basic yet useful information that you can immediately employ for your own health and healing.

This course specifically helps you jump right in to the efficient and effective methods of using herbs in a variety of ways. You’ll not only learn important herbal fundamentals, but also be able to make remedies that help you improve your health and/or stay healthy for decades to come.

Here’s an outline of some of what the course covers: (Click link @ the end of this blog to go to our Home Herbalist Course page)

Using Foods as Medicine: provides multiple food and herbal sources for vitamins, minerals and amino acids plus an extensive medicinal food remedy chart describing the medicinal uses of foods.

The Energetic Nature of Medicinal Herbs: teaches herbal properties such as flavors, directions, meridians affected, chemical constituents, body system affinities, and special properties and uses; the Eight Methods of Herbal Therapy are also described – sweating, vomiting, purging, harmonizing, warming, clearing, tonifying, and reducing.

Herbal Fundaments and Formulary: includes the uses of different plant parts, herbal families, herbal safety, herb/drug interactions, how to administer herbs, harvesting herbs responsibly, preparing herbs for use as medicines, storing herbs, and the basic principles of creating herbal formulas.

Herbal Preparations for External Application: involves instructions, supplies and resources for making a variety of herbal applications applied externally to the body like salves and liniments to effectively treat such health conditions as colds, flu, arthritis, pain, skin conditions, and wounds.

Herbal Preparations for Internal Application: includes standard herbal preparations for treating internal conditions of the body such as capsules, powerful dry tea concentrates, pastes, pills, powders, syrups, teas, and tinctures.

Herbal Therapeutics, Adjunct Therapies and First Aid: teaches simple ancient and traditional therapies performed around the world such as cupping, scraping, dermal hammer, moxibustion, enema therapy, magnets, nasal wash (neti), Shirodhara, and sweating therapy as well as provides first aid conditions and herbal suggestions.


All of this valuable information is available in easy to learn lessons to help you become an effective herbalist in your own home right now. If you want to  start on your own healing and preventative health path using simple herbs and remedies. Choose from Tier 1, 2 or 3, get started now: click here!


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