Pathology & Disease Alternative Practitioner Course:


This distance learning diploma course is designed to enable students and practitioners of alternative medicine to understand the basic principles by which orthodox medicine operates. The view point is always in relation to the alternative practitioner.

Units: 1-4
Study Hours: 175 – 225
Time: Estimated 12 months (timing up to you)
Enrolment period: 2 years (with option to extend)
Books: Included with the course
Certification: Diploma in Pathology & Disease
Study Options:

This course is aimed at students and practitioners of holistic medicine. Pathology and the study of disease is usually taught in colleges of holistic medicine under the heading of medical sciences. It indicates the part of the course that is devoted to conventional medicine.

This may be a source of some difficulty since most students consider that they are on the course to learn holistic medicine – homeopathy, acupuncture and so on. An additional difficulty is that many medical science courses are taught from the perspective of conventional medicine – that is, large amounts of technical information with an emphasis on memorisation rather than understanding.

This distance learning course looks at conventional medicine from a fresh perspective and always considers what a practitioner of holistic medicine needs. The self-assessment questions and written assignments are practical and related to clinical practice. There is a choice of assignments to cater for those of you who have yet to enter practice and also to offer those already practising a clinically relevant question. The emphasis is on the management of cases which are commonly seen in clinical practice, together with recognition of warning symptoms which may require referral to another practitioner.

The course can be taken on its own, but the Anatomy & Physiology Diploma Course provides the ideal study necessary before starting the Pathology & Disease Diploma Course.

The course is carried out by home study, and takes about 175 – 225 hours to complete. There is no strict timetable for the completion of the course – you work through the learning materials at your own pace. Most students complete the course within a year but we give you a 2 year study period, even after that you can re-enrol 12 months at a time for a small admin fee.

The Course Materials

We send you the printed course manual, which contains 4 Course Units of 30 – 40 pages plus the essential textbook for the course: The Clinical Medicine Guide – A Holistic Perspective, Stephen Gascoigne: ISBN: 952218933. Each unit contains explanatory text, reading references for the textbook that accompanies the course, short self-assessment questions and longer assignments. You will also be given contact details for your tutor, if you have purchased the course with tutor marking.


  • a very practical approach to study, including assignments that often require case research relating to students own therapy
  • emphasis on recognising important conditions and danger signs that may need referral to other practitioners
  • specially developed to provide essential learning for the study of Alternative Medicine
  • clearly presented, easy to follow and thorough in content
  • personal tutors give guidance and feedback
  • highest level of support by post or email
  • study days with tutors and students
  • study can be started and finished at any time
  • work at your own speed and pace – timetable to suit you
  • no prior medical training is required
  • continuous assessment provides ongoing feedback and motivation
  • there are no exams
  • certificates are awarded on completing the courses
  • course is regularly updated

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