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Learn Herbs with Michael and Lesley TierraThe East West School of Planetary Herbology offers herbalist correspondence courses to train home herbalists, health professionals and clinical herbal practitioners. Here you can learn herbs from two of the world’s most respected and influential herbalists, alternative health pioneer and American Herbalist Guild founder Dr. Michael Tierra L.AC., O.M.D., and clinical herbalist/acupuncturist Lesley Tierra,L.Ac., AHG.

Our herbalist training course is the only one that teaches Planetary Herbology, a unique approach to herbal medicine which integrates plants and diagnostic tools from the three major healing traditions of the world.

Staffed by a talented faculty of professional herbalists, the East West herbology correspondence course offers its students distance and on-site education from the very best experts in the field.

They really do learn from the best and become the best. Since its founding in 1980, East West School of Planetary Herbology has graduated the largest number of leaders in the herbal industry. It has almost 10,000 students throughout the world in over 40 countries and on every continent but Antarctica.

Our herbalist training is unique in that it offers several levels of in-depth online training courses along with in-person study from multiple herbalists, and a clinical mentorship program, all with a focus on Planetary Herbology. As well there are supplemental books, CDs, DVDs, webinars, weekly chats, and a private student discussion forum. On this site you’ll also find Planetary Herbals’ Formulas and other items in our store, along with research articles.

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Learn to be Professional HerbalistA Letter From the Tierra’s

Herbs are not only our first medicine; they are also the source for many things we need for our survival, including food, shelter, clothing and medicine, all of which reflect the profound relationship between humanity and the plant kingdom. But in the 21st century it seems that we have come a long way in achieving control and dominion over the unpredictable elements of nature, which in the past had such a determining influence over the daily course of our lives. One may even excuse our inadvertent arrogance each time we forget about the intimate role that plants play in our daily lives, which includes their serving as the basis for at least 25% of all pharmaceutical drugs. Of further thoughtful consideration is this: in a world which today seeks to lessen its dependence on petroleum, the remaining 75% of all pharmaceutical drugs are derived from petrochemicals.

Planetary herbology — noun
A global approach that integrates herbs and traditional assessment methodologies from around the world, especially Western, East Indian Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese healing systems.

Only in times of crisis are most of us reminded of the importance of being less dependent on highly industrialized, technological systems as our source for food and medicine. This is especially true if we realize the extent to which our food chain is compromised by the heavy-handed use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified foods. What we face now is a world health crisis. For too many, mainstream medicine remains inaccessible due to the rising cost of health care insurance. Add to that the inability of conventional medicine to offer a satisfactory solution for many diseases. Then there’s the plethora of adverse side effects from prescription drug use. Given all of the above, it’s easy to see how a $15 billion-a-year alternative health care business was born. That hefty figure represents what people are willing to pay out of pocket; most alternative health care is still not funded by insurance. In response to this state of affairs, many people consciously make the choice to assert their birthright to find out how herbs might serve their personal, family, and community health needs.

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Aviva Romm, EWCH“Even more important, the support and encouragement the Michael and Lesley continue to provide their former students, particularly in relationship to being active in the AHG is excellent.”

– Dr. Aviva Romm, M.D.

  • East West Herb School Clinical Herbalist (EWCH) Program Graduate
  • Integrative Medicine Doctor
  • Herbalist
  • Midwife
  • Author
  • East West Herb School Seminar Guest Teacher
  • Dr. Aviva Romm

adrenal thyroid revolution book

Herbalist Roy Upton“The direct clinical work gave me the experience of working with clients in a more formal manner and an effective mechanism for providing follow up care.”

– Roy Upton, RH, DAyu

  • East West Herb School Clinical Herbalist (EWCH) Program Graduate
  • American Herbal Pharmacopoeia Founder & Executive Director
  • American Herbalists Guild (AHG) Co-Founder & Past President
  • AOAC International, American Botanical Council and NSF International botanical expert advisor
  • Planetary Herbals Staff Herbalist
  • Medicine Hunter

Jill Ruttenberg, EWCH“What drew me to East West was the uniqueness of the course. It is comprehensive and includes Chinese, Ayurvedic and western herbs and principles.”

– Jill Ruttenberg, Registered Clinical Herbalist

  • East West Herb School Clinical Herbalist (EWCH) Program Graduate
  • AmaTierra Yoga & Wellness Director
  • AmTerra Yoga & Wellness

East West Graduate and professional Herbalist Nicholas Schnell

“The credibility of graduating from the program also has great respect nationwide. I have not walked into a health food store or met an herbalist who wasn’t familiar with Michael Tierra.”

– Nicholas Schnell, Clinical Herbalist, RH, Nutritionist, RD, LMNT

  • East West Herb School Clinical Herbalist (EWCH) Program Graduate
  • Four Winds Natural Healing Center Founder, Owner, Clinical Director
  • Four Winds Natural Healing Center

Michele Collins Vergara, RH (AHG), MPH, East West Herb School Graduate“I really enjoyed these last lessons the most of all in the course. They really challenged me to apply and think about what I have been learning.”

– Michele Collins Vergara, RH (AHG, MPH

“This course has been just the right thing for me to be doing with this part of my life”

– Jane Sipe

  • East West Herb School Clinical Herbalist (EWCH) Program Graduate
  • Diplomate of Oriental Medicine
  • California Licensed Acupuncturist
  • Jane Sipe